The video to the left will walk you through the process to complete a daily report in the app.​

Dropbox compatible

Daily Log Pro will prompt you to link to a dropbox account.  If there will be multiple users of the app inside the same company, it is helpful to set up a company dropbox account.  Daily reports from each of your devices on all of your jobsites will save to the same folder.  You will be able to view, download, or share from the dropbox folder.  You also have the option to share the PDF report upon completion on each device.



The Question answer format is extremely user friendly.  If you allow GPS in your phone's settings, the app will automatically populate weather data as well as rain (precipitation) data.  You can add as many photos as you like directly from the app or from your device that were taken throughout the day.   Once you have entered the subcontractor data, it will be saved for the next report.  You can keep track of employee hours by adding them in the same section.  It allows you to enter inspections, owner changes, deliveries, safety violations, and much more.  There are too many features to list!!! 

ABOUT DailyLogPro                                            Veteran Owned

This app was created by a general contractor for general contractors and subcontractors. Report on progress you are making from the field in a few easy steps. Daily Reports have never been simpler. download for IOS and Android devices.